Thursday, April 12, 2012

Homemade Butter

Butter is absolutely a ridiculous luxury when it is homemade. I cannot stress how much you will want to do this.

If you are able to get milk that will still separate itself from it's own cream, your going to be so happy you read this post. Skim off this cream, place into small jar, close it up, shake it up, spread it on, enjoy!

  • If you have bought a large amount of cream, I would suggest doing this in a food processor.
  • wait to the cream to be room temperature, it butterfies faster.
  • turn this into a family togetherness session (not to mention an arm workout!) pass the jar around and take turns shaking!
  • get your moves on! turn on some tunes and shake that butter!
  • don't try making a lot at once with this method, it will take........ time.......
  • don't fill up the jar completely. 2/3rds full will work good.
  • rinse with cold water after it turns to butter, shape into ball, and place in fridge.
  • it's very light, almost like whipped butter, but if it's not light enough, whipe it and add honey for a delicious sweet spread!
  • enjoy!

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