Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vegan Tortillas

Just like your mama (or grandma) used to make. Do you remember the days you awoke to the smell of fresh homemade tortillas? soft and a bit chewy...and delicious?? if this memory has escaped you, or if your circumstances left you without fresh tortilla smell, then this is the post your looking for. Get ready to make some memories... oh yeah.... and tortillas...
  1. 3 cups flour (your choice, I used white bread flour today, but you can use 100% whole wheat, half white half wheat, all purpose, whatev...)
  2. 2 tsp baking powder (not to be confused with baking soda ... boo me)
  3. 1 tsp salt
  4. 1 cup *hot* water
  5. 2 Tbsp olive oil
  6. Bowl
  7. stirring spoon
  8. tortilla pan (or large skillet or griddle)
Combine dry ingredients and stir well
make a "well" in center or flour mixture. add water and oil. *Tip: Make sure the water is AT LEAST warm. I think this is the secret to soft, pliable tortillas*
Slowly combine
Now That every thing is in one ball, take out and knead by hand until smoooooth
Divide. This recipe will make 12 burrito size tortillas, 16 medium, 20-24 fajita size. *Tip: to help with equal sizing, I divide mine in half, then those in half, then those in half until I get 16. Or in thirds, the in half in half for 12... you get the idea)
Dredge in flour...
on both sides...

Roll, flip and turn 180degrees, roll, flip and turn, roll, flip and turn, repeat until your desired size and thickness

Place on hot griddle for about 7 seconds, you should see a few bubbles. *Tip: I cook mine on a higher heat for a shorter time than most people. Not sure, but I have a theory this also attributes to the super soft tortillas that result. If you're burning yours, lower heat or flip faster, keep trying until you get your rhythm, you can do it)

Flip and cook again for about 5 seconds. *Again I like to have the heat to were you will see the brown spots within 5 seconds. on my stove this is a medium heat)

 Repeat with all your dough balls.

FIN! <3

Yay! You did it!
These babies are best when eaten right now, however they will keep for a few days (definitely not as tasty by the third day, I usually do not make more than this recipe unless we are having company to ensure peak freshness and tastiness) They also freeze well so have at it. I must admit, mine have never made it to the freezer (me checking the bread box... hey! didn't I just make a batch of tortillas?) but the more you do it the faster you will get and you will see that you can have tortillas whenever you feel like them! burritos, wraps, soup scoopers, you name it. enjoy

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